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[BLDG-SIM] Ground source water-to-water heat pumps

A considerable effort has been made at implementing ground source heat pump models in EnergyPlus. The models currently include a water-to-water heat pump and ground loop heat exchanger. Other models, such as a pond heat exchanger, pavement heat exchanger and cooling towers are available for the modeling of hybrid systems. You can find some details on the development and implementation of these models by looking at the MSc thesis of one of our recent graduates:


Simon Rees
Oklahoma State University

At 03:17 PM 3/29/2003, Chris Jones wrote:
>I have a few clients wishing to model ground source heat pumps which are water-to-water heat pumps (water furnace) serving heating and chilled water loops (fan coils, make-up air systems, etc).  This is not possible to simulate with DOE2.1E.  Is it possible with Equest (DOE2.2) or EnergyPlus?

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